Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Feature: Single definition links

We've added a useful new feature to Acronym Finder's search result page. Next to each acronym or abbreviation's meaning, you'll see a small link image/symbol. If you click on that image, you'll be taken to a new page showing only that single definition in a simple, uncluttered format.

What's this for? If you're writing an article, message, or forum post and want to link to Acronym Finder's definition for an acronym in your text, you can use this page/URL to show only the specific definition (rather than showing all the results). This allows you to unambiguously define a term.

Once you're on this page, you can also search for that definition in Google. And we've provided a one-click feature to make a TinyURL(tm) so you can easily provide the link to someone else. And of course, you can see other Acronym Finder definitions for the acronym on the page or you can do a new search.

Also, you will automatically be sent to the single definition page if we have only one definition for an acronym.

Here's a TinyURL demonstrating what this new feature looks like. Enjoy!

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