Monday, April 30, 2007 Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

Acronym Finder, the world’s largest and most trusted acronym and abbreviation reference source, celebrates its 10th year online.

Estes Park, Colorado May 1, 2007 – Mountain Data Systems LLC, the publisher of Acronym Finder (, announced that it is marking its tenth year online as the most respected and widely-used abbreviations reference source.

Mike Molloy, the founder and developer of, said, “When I launched the site in 1997, I had two goals: I wanted to make available a database of abbreviations and acronyms I had collected since 1985; and I wanted to learn about web database programming. Acronym Finder wasn’t the first web-based abbreviations search site, but the day it went online, it became the largest human-edited collection available – and it still is.”

In early 1998, Acronym Finder was picked as a USA Today Hot Site, and was soon a Netscape Cool Site of the Day. Visits to the site soared, and many users began to suggest meanings for new abbreviations not found in the database. So many new meanings streamed in that Molloy had to develop a submission form to accept new entries and a custom software application to speed up verifying and editing all the new terms.

“I knew the abbreviations database might be very useful to others, but I had no idea how quickly it would be embraced and enhanced by web users all over the world,” Molloy says. People contributing to Acronym Finder were pioneers in what we now call “user-generated content.” The site launched with just over 43,000 entries and doubled in size in less than two years.

Molloy added, “Now, just ten years later, Acronym Finder has over 550,000 terms, and is still growing by an average of 200 new entries every day.” The site is queried around the clock by users worldwide, and in every conceivable discipline: K-12 and university students and educators; government and defense industry employees; medical transcriptionists; translators and interpreters, and anyone with a need to decipher the alphabet soup of letters that abbreviate often highly technical concepts.

The site’s rapid growth and popularity garnered further recognition in the press: two more USA Today Hot Site mentions; twice named as a PC Magazine Top 100 Website; Site of the Week in TechTV’s The ScreenSavers; and selected for the Britannica Internet Guide Award. Acronym Finder was also chosen for the Writer’s Digest Best Websites for Writers, and it made the list of Best Free Reference Websites selected by the American Library Association’s Machine-Assisted Reference Section. Most recently, Acronym Finder and its owners were featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on January 13, 2007.

Acronym Finder also collaborates with, links with, or licenses content to other major web search and reference providers, including,,,,, and many others.

Molloy concluded, “We look forward to celebrating many more milestones in providing our high quality reference content to users around the world.”


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