Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Acronym Finder knows postal codes!

Acronym Finder just became a lot smarter. We've added official US Postal Service ZIP codes (over 70,000) and official Canadian postal codes (over 800,000) to our database. To search postal codes, you don't have to do anything special -- just type them into the Acronym Finder search box and you'll get a result for any valid postal code in the United States or Canada.

You can search for any US ZIP code and get back information about the City, State, County, telephone area code, and time zone (including UTC offset), and whether that ZIP code observes daylight saving time (DST). For Canadian postal codes, we tell you the City, Province, area code, time zone and DST info. In addition, the result page shows you a scrollable/zoomable map with options for Satellite or Hybrid views, courtesy of Google Maps.

To see this in action, click on one of these example links: United States 20500 or Canada K1P 1J1

Please let us know if you have any feedback about this new feature, including other things you'd like to see on the postal code result page.
P.S. If we counted our new postal codes as abbreviations the way some of our competitors do, we just added over 870,000 new records to our 520,000+ human-edited database of acronyms and abbreviations. When you add the other 3 million or so definitions in our Acronym Attic, we have almost 4.5 million "definitions" in our database. Anyone can claim to be the largest acronym and abbreviation database in the world. We really are.